WHAT DEFINE US... Better Bigger Faster


To be the leading security company in providing Safety and Security in the
Public and Private sectors ensuring peace of mind to our clients.


Dedicated to deliver customer service leading to maximum satisfaction
ensuring peace of mind


This commitment and experience by Takalani Security Holdings Management will allow the business to stay ahead of its competitors.

Hands-on management support to ensure effective delivery on the SLA's and other

Our Operational personnel will ensure regular communication with our clients to maintain the required standards

We will ensure ourservice offerings are created in response to the needs of our customers

Exert extra effort ensuring that we retain the business of our existing customers

Implement ongoing surveys and have direct interaction with our customers, find out what are the items that they need and expect from your business

Analyze Site Risk exposures and provide clients with an Event Security Plan

Provide Armed robbery prevention audits

Dedicated Armed Reaction Vehicle within a ratio of 1/500 radius

Managing and Developing people


Quality service

Our values serve as an instrument for our actions and ilustrate how we behave in serving our customers.


We are committed to taking care of our client's needs and wants, what we do, we do well.


Committed to making good judgements.


Simply refusal to give up.


Dedicated to being answerable; if it is to be, risk taking, but a calculated risk is embedded in us.


Strong desire to remain focuse; always committed in heart and mind we have willingness to act.


We regard everyone in our team as a family, we operate on the basis of trust, integrity, and respect. The business has embarked on a principle of staff recognition programs, creating an employee share group Scheme for management.

These interventions are aimed at motivating employees to get them to participate in supporting the business’s strategic goals. As an independently owned entity, we have a broader space to maneuver around ensuring that our clients receive products and services to meet all their demands as well as we hold the responsibility of creating employment opportunities.

Takalani Security Holdings(PTY)LTD is a 100% black-owned security company that was established in 2015 with the sole purpose of providing premium and customized security solutions to meet your security needs. The enterprise has diversified ownership from women to its employees.


Entrusting us with your security needs will not only give you the peace of mind you deserve but build an everlasting relationship, that is why we guarantee that we only provide a workforce that is well trained, professional and articulate.


Our commitment is to ensure that every interaction is a reflection of who and what Takalani Security Holdingsis and as well as demonstrate its full potential. It is for this very reason that we can proudly stand behind the fact that when you begin your journey with us you will be entering a path that truly reflects that.